Subject is a worldwide gallery that promotes and sells new and upcoming contemporary art through a seamless and transparent experience. We connect art lovers with exclusive pieces by continually exposing them to art they love and can emotionally connect with.

Why are we here?

SUBJECT was born with a bold spirit and a straightforward objective: to offer exclusive contemporary art through a seamless and transparent experience.

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: art can be intimidating. The idea of buying art can be so overwhelming that most people tend to shy away from it.

We started SUBJECT to deliver a fresh alternative for new and upcoming contemporary art. By avoiding traditional channels, simplifying the process, and engaging directly with art-seekers, we are able to provide a higher-quality selection of unparalleled artwork on a friendly site at fair prices.

How do we do it?

It´s simple. We connect art lovers with unique pieces from around the world. We believe that everyone is a potential collector and buying art should be easy and fun. It should leave everyone happy, fulfilled and confident.

Collecting is about continually being exposed to the constant transformations in art. That’s why every season SUBJECT reinvents itself by bringing to light new work and emerging artists from around the world through a strategic selection process.

We are an art community. We build long-lasting relationships with our artists and collectors.

Constants of our model: a permanent online gallery that goes beyond the current standards, while also delivering On-site, One-night, Pop-up shows where everything is about getting an engaging and fulfilling art experience.

Why Subject Art?

SUBJECT is curated and delivered by a passionate world-class team.

We are a transparent business. We are rigorous when selecting our artists. We take into consideration a variety of credentials and specializations, educational backgrounds, awards, accomplishments, sales track records, and the quantity and quality of their artworks, which are all expertly vetted by our advisors.

Every potential buyer gets a non-fee personal curator. Whether you are an avid collector or just getting started, we slipstream the collection process by guiding you to find the art you love.

We offer worldwide shipping, including different delivery options to find what suits your budget best. Including a free service for returns and exchanges.

The Team

Juana Domenzain

Founding Partner / Managing Director

Gina Moreno Valle

Founding Partner / Creative Director

Amanda Desmarais

Co Founder / Chief Curator

Maria Tellez

Partner / Business Development

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