Alejandra Orozco is a visual artist and fashion designer based in Mexico City. Orozco found analog cameras to be her medium to document what she feels, the ephemeral and ethereal; using a technique of photography mistakes that allow the viewer, to experiment alternate realities, via the union of diverse layers and effects. Mexico City - a chaotic space full of visuals, smells, tastes, sounds, and absurdities – where Orozco’s photographs found her last motif: the un-representable. Orozco pauses at the parts that make the whole, she stops at the fragments: a rooftop, the intertwined city walls, a smile, the silhouette found on an architectural structure. She then plays with the capture; she over exposes it, overlays it, blurs it, washes it off, saturates it. She wants to make sure the obvious is not shown. Her photography is a poem that introduces you to an emotion that never ends; it's like playing the game of peeking through a small hole that will always lead you to use your imagination to recognize that which is distorted and suggested. Alejandra Orozco is an artist that one should not lose sight of as she continually reveals her unique view through her photographic writing.