Brenda Franco is a Mexican visual artist who has been trained from early childhood by her family of prominent Mexican artists. Her great-grandparents, Sostenes Ortega and Otilia Rodrigues belonged to the generation of painters who founded the early XX century artistic movement in Mexico. Her grandfather personally guided her artistic education and paired with her later degree in Industrial Design, Franco maintained a career in interior design and visual arts. Since 1993 she has shown her work in many collective and individual exhibitions in Mexico, Paris, Italy, New York, and Shanghai. In 2012, Franco was invited to work in MIRA (Martigniano International Residency for Artist) in Puglia, Italy, where she completed a series of acrylic abstract paintings, ‘Entre muros y mares’. In 2014 and 2015 Franco was living in Valle de Bravo, México, where she created ‘Negro sobre blanco y viceversa’ and ‘Ensayo’. In April 2015, she participated alongside renowned artists in the World Art Day at the Museo José Luis Cuevas. Her series ‘SILENCE’ is inspired in her trips around Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Munich, and was exhibited in New York. Recently, Franco has been selected by the Swatch Artists Selection Committee, composed by François-Henri Pinault; George Clooney; Nayla and Nick Hayek; Esther Grether; Mikhail Kusnirovich and Sir Francis Yeoh. Brenda Franco completed her residency at The Swatch Art Peace Hotel in 2015 with the creation of her newest series ‘Walking Blind’, which has been well exhibited in Shanghai, China.