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$600.00 - $5,000.00

Brenda Franco

Brenda Franco’s exquisite work and technique is an obvious talent from generations of family artists in Mexico – trained by her grandfather who was a respected artist in his own right. Looking at Brendas works, it becomes apparent that she draws inspiration from her surroundings. As a viewer you can feel what she was able to observe and translate onto her canvases. With an impressive background from her residencies in Shanghai to her collective and individual exhibitions around the world, Brenda has paved her path as skilled and rising artist worldwide. Her series Walking Blind is an excellent example of her widespread talent – using techniques picked up from a foreign culture during residency, Brenda uses ink on Chinese rice paper and interprets the art of Chinese ink painting into her own personal expressions. Giving us delicate, fresh and beautifully crafted paintings in grey scale and black and white palettes to give any interior theme a balanced look.

Brenda Franco (b. 1975, Mexico City) was born within a family of respected artists. Her grandparents Sostenes Ortega and Otila Rodriguez belonged to the generation of painters that shaped 20th century Mexico´s aesthetic. However, it was his grandfather   who took care of her artistic upbringing during her early infancy. Later on, she entered Teresa Olabuenaga´s art workshop where she reaffirmed her stroke and technique.

A lover of nature and aesthetic, she dedicated her university years to the study of design and landscaping, which already and clearly reference her later work. She earned a bachelor´s degree in Industrial Design from Anahuac University which later on allowed her to pursue a career in Interior Design, an occupation that she took on in parallel to her calling in the field of visual arts.

Since 1993 Franco has participated in several collective and individual exhibitions in Mexico, Paris, Italy, New York, and Shanghai. In 2012  she was invited to paint for MIRA, Martigniano International Residence for Artists in Italy, where she completed her series “Entre muros y mares”, an abstract series based on acrylic on canvas. In 2014 and 2015 she finished “Negro sobre blanco y viceversa” and “Ensayo” in her studio in Valle de Bravo, Mexico.

In April of 2015 and 2016 she participated, alongside other renowned artists, in the “Día Mundial del Arte” in the Jose Luis Cuevas Museum in Mexico City.

Her series “Silencio” was inspired in her travels around Italy, Austria, Slovenia, and Munich. This series was exhibited with Subject Art in New York in 2015.

She was selected by the Swatch Group Committee, conformed by François-Henri Pinault, George Clooney, Nayla and Nick Hayek, Esther Grether, Mikhail Kusnirovich, and Sir Francis Yeoh. Brenda Franco completed her residency at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel in 2015, where she created “Walking Blind”, which was exhibited in Shanghai, 2015 at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel and 2017 at The Museum of Modern Art Duolun.

  • Trained since early childhood of a prolific family of prominent Mexican artists.
  • Industrial Design Degree, Universidad Anahuac

  • 2015– Walking Blind (solo exhibition), The Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai, China
  • 2015 – We Are All Looking For Astronauts (group exhibition), WE International Hub, Shanghai, China
  • 2015 – International Day of Art (group exhibition), Jose Luis Cuevas Museum, Mexico
  • 2014– Ensayo (solo exhibition), Valle de Bravo, Mexico