Price Range

$220.00 - $2,100.00

Fernanda Rodriguez Carbajales

Being a self-taught artist who has literally travelled the world, Fernanda draws inspiration and technique from the different cultures she has exposed herself to. Taking into account her work focuses on portraiture, this is a unique and interesting mix in terms of her exploration of color and line movement. This gives a distinctive personality to each of her portraits while also giving a distinct connection with each individual viewer. Fernanda takes us into the emotional world of each of her subjects, making every portrait painting stand out with their own individual stories. Collecting such paintings will no doubt bring a level of intrigue and fascination when hung. Allowing every viewer to take a moment, and become immersed into another persons world.

Fernanda Rodruguez Carbajales (b. 1991, Tulum, Mexico) is a figurative painter based in Mexico City. Having travelled around the world and immersing herself with different cultures, Carbajales focused her painting skills on portraiture – trying to portray a different illusion on real things that relate in a unique way to each observer. Studying textile design in Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico, she felt the need to expand her skills and knowledge internationally by complementing her studies in Parson Paris, Central Saint Martins in London and UP Buenos Aires. Always curious and creative, in the summer of 2013, she felt a great urge and calling for painting. From the moment she took her first canvas, colors and inspiration have become her daily life. A self-taught painter, focusing on portraits, Fernanda tries to portray a different illusion on real things that relate in a unique way to each observer. Focusing on the experimentation of colors, she creates a feeling in each art piece that transmits a distinctive personality and connection. Fernanda has found her passion and has unraveled herself in this artistic media. Always looking to better herself. Taking courses with a prominent artist in Mexico lead to deeper knowledge, while a year round course in mixed media emphasized her upon a broader art spectrum. Currently living in Tulum, Mexico she continues to explore her creativity always interested in adding new skills and technique creating unique art pieces. Faces and portraits always being the main theme – captivating different expressions trying to bring them to life with the intention of understanding the essence of the subject.

  • Visual Arts Advanced Diploma, St. George Tafe, Sydney, Australia, 2015
  • Color & Design Diploma, International Scool of Color & Design, Sydney, Australia, 2015
  • Textile Design, Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico, 2013
  • Advanced Fashion Design, Central Saint Martins, London, England, 2013
  • Art Exchange Program, Ecole Parsons a Paris, Paris, France, 2011

2015 – Group Exhibition, Muse Gallery, Sydney, Australia