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$400.00 - $10,600.00

Juliana Do

Juliana Do’s eclectic and colorful works of art deal with painting an its formative language of abstraction in experimental and individual exploration – the capturing of spiritual and transcendent natures. Her choice of colors are thoughtfully paired and blended to give the canvas a more spiritual touch. Widely exhibited, Juliana’s paintings not only add a colorful imprint to a space, but a more rarefied and ethereal feeling. 

Juliana Do (b. Bulgaria) is an artist whose main focus is the human body, which has been an object of cult and legend through the centuries. Do believes the human being is an everlasting subject that inspires art, and the cultural and creative aspects of reproducing the human form in art allow viewers to see both the humanity of the person and the expressivity of the individual body. Her aim is to transmit this message through chosen color combinations, creating visual and abstract art with spiritual and transcendent nature. Do is a member of the Association of Austrian Artists, Kuenstlerhaus, IG Visual Arts, and the Professional Association of Visual Arts in Vienna. Her artworks are in the following collections: Museum Angerlehner (Austria), MOYA Museum (Vienna, Austria), Park Hyatt (Vienna, Austria), Ritz Carlton (Budapest, Hungary), Foundation Giorgio Cini (Venice, Italy), Collection PANGAEA – Global Art Initiative for World Peace, and in the IDEA Society (Vienna, Austria). Dos works are widely collected and exude a sense of spirituality and deep emotions. 

  • Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna Austria (2002) 
  • University of Industrial and Applied Arts (1996) 
  • High school of Fine Arts, Plovdiv, Bulgaria (1994) 
  • Teacher in fine arts, National academy of fine arts, Sofia, Bulgaria (2010-2011)

  • 2016 – Nord Art International Exhibition, Buedelsdorf, Germany 
  • 2016 – Art Fair Cologne List, Cologne, Germany 
  • 2015 – Eigen Sicht der Dinge (Group Exhibition), Palace Schoenbrunn, Austria 
  • 2015- Collection of Imago Mundi, Save the Dreams, Foundation Giorgio Cini, Venice, Italy 
  • 2014 – Solo Show, MOYA Museum, Vienna Austria