Massimo Meo

Massimo Meo is a Montreal based multidisciplinary artist working in fields of painting and film. Through much experimentation, Meo has cultivated techniques that utilize a variety of mediums to achieve his desired effect inks, watercolor, and acrylic. He uses his art a controlled experiment, subconsciously creating paintings according to a specific mood or feeling. Colors are laced with many subtle yet deeply complex feelings, which Meo believes are triggered by both memory and instinct. In his words: 'Perhaps to me the color blue evokes asense of sadness, but to another eye it may arouse ideas of purity. And if purity is what the viewer may see, then purity is what is it.' Meo was shortlisted for the 2016 IEAA Emerging Artist Award Dubai and has had his work published in Featured in Art Yellow Book Volume 2, International Gallery of the Arts: Abstract Edition, International Artist Magazine, and Art Reveal Online Magazine.