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$1,680.00 - $5,040.00

Paco Dalmau

In this series of painting, Paco Dalmau explores light, color, and visual texture. They are a beautiful form of abstraction, giving off soft and effortless movement of the brush. Paco uses movement as his execution process, which gives each painting its own intrigue of light and color.

Paco Dalmau (b.1978, Spain) lives and works in Rotterdam, Netherlands, since 2012. His artistic practice is broad and covers both painting and social public installations, such as the White Wall Project. Return Series, Fractions and Polyptychs are the collections where Paco explores different concepts into his painting practice. Along his career as an artist, Paco has had exhibitions in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Rotterdam, Valencia, Marbella, New York, Kyoto, Montreal, London, among others. His works have been awarded in contests in different countries such as Denmark, The Netherlands, Spain, USA or UK.

Sant Jordi Fine Arts School, Barcelona

  • 2016 – Retrun Series, Galerie Hommes, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • 2015 – Group Exhibition, Galerie Berggreen, Frederica, Denmark
  • 2014– Fractions Collection, Alerta, Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • 2011– Polyptychs Collection, Casa de Polo Museum, Villarreal, Spain