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Subject & As/Coa Panel in NYC

Subject & As/Coa Panel in NYC
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Uptown New York, Park Avenue, October 11th.  A grand staircase leads up to the Simón Bolivar room dawned with silk walls, a large chandelier and Subjects own  Amanda Desmarais on the discussion panel for the America’s Society.  The panel explored the dynamics of starting a personal art collection. Along with Amanda, other speakers included, Mexican collector  Gina Diez Barroso, Collector and President of Fundación AMA  Juan Yarur, PHILLIPS’ Head of Sale and Associate Vice President for Latin American Art  Kaeli DeaneGaleria Nara Roesler’s Artistic Director,  Alexandra García Waldman. Amanda is our very own art director and head curator at Subject. She spoke about Subject and the new role that digital platforms play in the art world and how it can both empower artists and buyers alike.  This millennial shift in art means a new market place particularly for emerging artists.  The discussion was catered to Latin American art and the growing works from this part of the americas.  But with the higher accessibility to art, the lines are blurring for art with regards to who makes it and buys it.  Accessibility and availability for content on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and websites like Subject are changing the game.

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