A Collaboration between Subject Art and Selina Hotel Chelsea, New York City
Curatorial Narrative
We are living in a moment where we are more connected than ever and globalization has allowed for a certain degree of homogenization of culture. How do we find our voice? As individuals, we constantly strive to remain relevant and unique. It seems as though one camp believes in renouncing the unknown and foreign while living in a state of fear, whereas another camp believes in the complete embrace of the unknown where we can learn from our neighbour’s cultures and absorb the beauty of their heritage. We subscribe to the latter.
Many Latin American countries are in states of instability, driven by the promise of growth but often times disappointed by the leaders who promise to take them there. Where its beautiful citizens are unsure of where they stand and in some cases are forced to leavesearching for promises of opportunities elsewhere. We believe in spreading the word and giving a voice toLatin American artists who are finding beauty in the mundane and who are creating a sense of wonder when most people are losing hope. We want to not only embrace our neighbour but rather celebrate them and showcase the beauty of their own unique perspective. We propose a mindset in which we learn to embrace each other while simultaneously celebrating what makes us differentin this exhibit and in our day to day.
Camilo Carvallo Cristo
Begona Gonzalez
Carla Aparicio
Currently on view at Selina Hotel Chelsea in New York City until June, 2020