Juana Domenzain holds a B. A. in Graphic Design from Universidad Anahuac in Mexico City. With more than ten years in the industry she has had the opportunity to work for a numerous of international institutions, among them Tata Harper Skin Care.  In conjunction with Graphic Design, Juana also shares a deep passion for Art and Interior Design; She worked for two years at Girdom Design company emerging herself in the amazing world of Decor. The combination of knowledge from both industry’s allowed her to have a distinct perception in the role each part plays in a composition. “Art is the center and most important part of a room, but design helps it reach its full potential”. In 2014 Juana started an art project that grew into an online gallery called Subject Art. Subject Art is composed of a specially curated portfolio of 45 emerging contemporary artists from all over the world having its operation center divided in Montreal, New York and Mexico City. Proud wife and mother of three, Juana continues to grow in the business of Art and Design closing de gap between beautiful things and young collectors. 



Gina is an Art and Design Director based in New York City. She's been collecting Art since the age of 20 when she purchased her first piece and since then she's been getting more and more involved in the young art scene, following emerging artists' careers and getting involved in art organizations around the globe. She holds an MFA from Yale school of Art and is based in NYC where she runs her own design studio and works as Subject's Creative Director.



Amanda Desmarais is Chief Curator and Founding Partner at Subject Art. Prior to joining Subject Art, Amanda has worked in curatorial and advisory work in top museums and galleries in Shanghai and Hong Kong. She has also worked in art advisory and art consultancy in London, New York and Montreal. She has helped place permanent public artworks in Toronto and throughout China, and has experience working with top tier artists as well as emerging artists. She holds a Masters in Art History with a focus on Chinese Art from the University of Glasgow and has participated in several art related panels for organizations and museums in North America and Asia. Amanda works with experienced and un-experienced collectors, as well as for private and public collections, and has gained an unparalleled network of industry contacts and personal industry experience.



Maria has five years in banking experience in New York. In 2016, she moved to Mexico City where she currently works as a Principal for Mountain Nazca a Venture Capital Firm. Maria has lived and studied in Italy, Spain, France and the US where she has deepened her love and passion for fine arts. She holds a bachelor’s degree in law from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City and an MBA from IE (Instituto de Empresa) in Madrid.