Yin & Tonic, Agave


40 x 30 inches (102 x 76.2 cm)



Agave, from the Yin & Tonic series, reminds us that we are constantly influx between the states of lightness and darkness, giving and receiving, moving and stillness. And it's the balance between these states that create the most optimal light and the most rounded energy.Yin & Tonic calls to attention that everything is cyclical. We are all round, all the same. Life is not a journey to just reach the end in one straight line. It is a musical performance played each day, something you dance and sing to while zig zagging around emitting different frequencies of light. And it's these moments of pure playfulness and joy that allow our spheres to truly radiate. This is life.The end is irrelevant.



100% matte cotton fine art paper


8 editions



*All artwork from Harshtistas is currently on view at Selina Hotel Chelsea in New York City until June, 2020.